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In an era where sustainability is not just a preference but a necessity, IND HEMP is at the forefront of innovation in the plastics industry. Having a sustainable solution oftentimes in the past meant giving up something or compromising on a product’s functionality. By harnessing the versatility of industrial hemp, we offer a groundbreaking approach to enhancing plastics with environmentally friendly, bio-based additives without compromise. Our processed industrial hemp stalks, transformed into hurd and fiber and further refined into functional additives integration into plastics are proving to be a vital component in the development of sustainable biocomposite products. 

A Bio-Additive Revolution 

At IND HEMP, our focus is on integrating our hemp additives into various plastic materials, including polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and polylactic acid (PLA). Our hemp-based solutions are designed not only to support but to partially replace these traditional polymers, providing opportunities to develop to lighter, stronger, stiffer and more sustainable biocomposite products. Working with partners in the plastics realm, we can enhance product attributes like stiffness and reduce the density of plastics, thus enabling products to potentially achieve reductions in weight while simultaneously increasing some physical properties. 

Our successful applications extend across a range of products, and we have achieved notable results with PP, PE, and PLA materials. One milestone we are proud of includes the development of a polyethylene bucket utilizing a 30% hemp filled masterbatch from Rhetech, demonstrating our capability to innovate and implement practical solutions in commercial settings. We are also very proud of our success in manufacturing hemp filled PLA 3D printing filament. 

Demonstrable Environmental Benefits 

The commitment of IND HEMP to our partners and sustainability is further evidenced by our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) from cradle to gate. This analysis provides a transparent view of the reduced carbon footprint of our materials compared to traditional plastic additives. As companies increasingly prioritize sustainability, as well as the transparency of their supply chains, our hemp-based additives offer an attractive alternative that meets both environmental and performance criteria. 

Strategic Partnerships 

Our strategic partnership with Palmer Holland has been instrumental in widening the accessibility and application of our hemp additives. Together with Palmer Holland, and other collaborators like Western Michigan Compounding, we have introduced a commercially available 50% hemp filled polypropylene masterbatch that is transforming industry standards. These partnerships are essential in our journey to provide scalable and consistent solutions to the market. Providing valuable in-roads to commercial partners, demonstrating the efficacy of our materials, and being the face of distribution of our plastics additives provides a win on all sides of the business. 

Overcoming Industry Challenges 

Consistency and volume of material supply remain significant challenges in the sustainable materials sector. IND HEMP addresses these issues head-on with our 10-acre campus in Ft. 

Benton, Montana, and our state-of-the-art, 52,000-square-foot processing facility dedicated to producing hemp industrial materials. Supported by a robust farming network and the cultivation of thousands of acres of industrial hemp each year, we ensure a dependable supply of high-quality raw materials. This foundational infrastructure makes IND HEMP a commercially viable option for large-scale industrial applications, mitigating against what was once challenging for manufacturers to find credible, consistent, domestically grown and processed industrial hemp. 

Looking Forward 

Looking to the future, IND HEMP is excited to participate in the upcoming NPE show in Orlando, May 6-10, where we will showcase our innovative solutions and their applications in the plastics industry. This event represents a significant opportunity to educate and engage with industry leaders about the potential of hemp-based plastics. In Support of our partners, the industrial hemp ecosystem and as being stewards of “The Goodness of Hemp” we will be providing a chance for commercial industry players to interact with who we are in person. 

As we continue to pioneer the integration of hemp into plastics, IND HEMP remains committed to promoting a sustainable future. Our work not only supports the development of greener plastic products but also propels the plastics industry towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future. For more information on our products and initiatives, please visit IND HEMP and Palmer Holland. 

By leveraging the natural properties of hemp, IND HEMP is setting a new standard in the plastics industry—one that promises functionality, durability, sustainability, and innovation. Join us as we redefine what is possible with plastics. 

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