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Sustainable solutions
for industry

Sustainablity is in its nature. IND HEMP fiber is the perfect starting point to connect “eco” with industry. It can be grown without pesticide or herbicides, requires less water than similar crops, and is ready to harvest in as early as 100 days after planting. Plus, its wood core can supplant trees in several industrial applications, all while sequestering CO2 into the soil and useable goods. Hemp bast and hurd fiber are better business with a smaller footprint.

Our natural fibers are ideal for polymer composites, absorbent applications, thermal & acoustic insulation. IND HEMP fiber products are rapidly renewable and a readily available alternative source of material for a wide range of needs and industries.

How our hemp
fiber is produced:

A process that works for you:

IND HEMP is scaleable for any supply chain—from seed to product we provide the transparency and quality control consumers seek.​

1. Nurture

IND HEMP contracts each farm directly, supplying premium seed and agronomic support

2. Harvest

After the growing season, our farmers collect their crop and send to IND HEMP

3. Process

Our decortication processing line separates & cleans the bast fiber from the hurd

4. Supply

IND HEMP supplies your operation with biomaterials in your selected format(s)

5. Conversion

Hemp biomaterials are converted & upgraded to produce material for end use manufacture

6. Manufacture

Products and finished goods are produced and supplied to market

IND HEMP Fiber products offer a variety of potential performance advantages:

  • Vibration Dampening
  • Water & Oil Absorption
  • Weight Reduction
  • Acoustical Insulation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Filtration Media
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Carbon Sequestration and Greener Products

Hemp Bast Fiber

IND HEMP natural bast fibers are ideal for polymer composites, thermal & acoustic insulation and other non woven natural fiber applications. Our bast fiber products are rapidly renewable and a readily available alternative source of material for a wide range of needs.

  • Length (avg)
  • Density
    1.18 g/cm3
  • Moisture
  • Hurd Content

*Hemp figures are average; results can vary depending upon environmental circumstances or industrial processes.

– Textiles

– Wipes

– Pulp-Paper

– Absorbants

– Functional Additives

– Bulk Orders

– Automotive / Aerospace- Building

– Materials

– Construction

– Apparel

– Paper

– Home goods

– Hemp is a rapidly renewable, sustainable agricultural product that sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere, is good for our soils and provides multiple raw material streams useable for a wide range of product applications and industries. Hemp truly is the greener alternative to petroleum and forest-based products.

Hemp Hurd Fiber

IND HEMP hurd fibers are ideal for absorbent applications and biocomposites. Our hurd fiber products are sustainably sourced, rapidly renewable and dust- and chemical-free.


  • Size
    0.15 - 20 mm
  • Bulk Density
    0.07 - 0.13 g/cm3
  • Moisture
  • Fiber Content

*Hemp figures are average; results can vary depending upon environmental circumstances or industrial processes.

– Building Materials

– Functional additives

– Absorbents

– Bio Composites / Natural fillers

– Pets

– Equine / Farming / Agriculture

– Building materials

– Oil & Gas

– Plastics

– Hemp hurd represents roughly 70% of the mass within the hemp plant and sequesters 45% carbon by weight. When used in applications such as mix additive for plugging oil wells, or to build a house, that carbon is durably sequestered for a lifetime, while offsetting additional use of energy intensive-carbon emitting materials such as port land cement, fiberglass insulation and vinyl siding. Every for every ounce of hemp used in a plastic- that is an ounce of petroleum material not used.


Let's innovate

The versatility of hemp fiber offers vast, untapped potential. As our work continues to uncover novel uses and sustainable solutions for different industries and markets, we’d love an opportunity to collaborate on yours. We’re your team for good ideas.

We would love to hear from you! Just call, email or use the button here to connect with us. Our mission is to connect our farmers with the hemp businesses of tomorrow. Let us provide the supply chain consistencies your business or product needs to scale and be successful.


Growers: to discuss what hemp production on your Montana, Idaho, Washington, or Oregon farm can do for you, visit here.


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