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Growing Better

Building a
sustainable future.

100% Montana Hemp,
Oilseed and Fiber.

IND HEMP works hand-in-hand with our producers as your hemp crop moves from the farm to partners across the United States. IND HEMP is licensed with the Montana Department of Agriculture and Washington Department of Agriculture as a bonded commodity dealer, seed dealer, and hemp processor. These allow us to provide a full range of services to support growers throughout the production lifecycle including:


  • Seed Sales
  • Agronomy Services
  • Grain Processing
  • Wholesale Ingredient Supply
  • Finished Product Sales

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becoming a grower?

Creating strong

IND HEMP works diligently to support rural communities and farms. Healthy agricultural communities are the backbone of America, and we focus on creating sustainable farming and processing solutions so you can build a thriving operation that will support you today—and for generations to come.

Your success is our success.

IND HEMP has the tools to help achieve it.

Source Seed

IND HEMP is the U.S. registered agent for X-59 seed. This variety, also known as Hempnut, comes from a stable genetics out of Canada owned by Canadian company Terramax. X-59 has proven itself time and again in university studies as a top three yield producer for grain and has a unique grain head architecture more resistant to shatter. X-59 has also proven useful for dual crop applications: growers can come back after seed harvest to collect the straw for fiber production. If you’re interested in this variety, please check out our product page!

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming practices restore the soil’s ecosystem. When we reduce the use of pesticides, we allow worms, bugs, fungi, and bacteria to grow—even flourish—in our soils. By reducing or eliminating the amount of tilling we do to our soils, we reduce water runoff and erosion and increase the amount of moisture that soaks into the ground.If you’re interested in this variety, please check out our products page!

We would love to hear from you! Just call, email or use the button here to connect with us. Our mission is to connect our farmers with the hemp businesses of tomorrow. Let us provide the supply chain consistencies your business or product needs to scale and be successful.


Growers: to discuss what hemp production on your Montana, Idaho, Washington, or Oregon farm can do for you, visit here.


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