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The 2024 Ag on the Mall event, a cornerstone for agricultural advocacy and education, was recently held on the National Mall in Washington D.C. This year’s theme centered around sustainable agricultural technologies and the future of food and farming, showcasing innovative solutions from across the agricultural sector. Among the highlights was the presence of industrial hemp. 

IND HEMP, represented by President and Founder Ken Elliott and other industry professionals, were networking and communicating the versatility and environmental benefits of industrial hemp. In support of the National Hemp Association, The Hemp Feed Coalition, and others, a continued push for IND HEMP is collaboration and working with industry leaders utilizing The Goodness of Hemp. The industry’s contributions to sustainable agriculture were notably highlighted through its involvement in various innovative applications displayed at the event. Among these was the inclusion of hemp-based materials in construction and bio-based products. 

A standout attraction at the Ag on the Mall was the Livewire motorcycle from Harley Davidson, which incorporates industrial hemp materials supplied by IND HEMP. This initiative represents a pioneering move towards more sustainable automotive solutions, leveraging hemp’s lightweight and strong fiber properties to enhance vehicle performance while reducing environmental impact. The Livewire motorcycle exemplifies how traditional industries can innovate with bio-based materials to create more sustainable and functional products. 

IND HEMP’s participation not only underscores their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices but also their role in pushing the boundaries of hemp applications. The event provided a platform for IND HEMP to engage with policymakers, industry leaders, and the public, fostering discussions about the integration of hemp in modern agriculture and its benefits beyond traditional uses. 

The 2024 Ag on the Mall served as a vital educational opportunity, illustrating the critical role of modern agriculture in solving contemporary challenges. Through exhibitions presented from multiple stakeholders in the hemp industry, it also highlighted how innovative, sustainable solutions could lead to more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Events like these are crucial for bridging gaps between current agricultural practices and future possibilities, ensuring a more sustainable and food-secure world. 

Industrial hemp’s presence at the event, coupled with the showcase of hemp-based innovations such as the Livewire motorcycle, not only enhances public and professional understanding of hemp’s potential but also aligns with the broader agricultural sector’s shift towards sustainability and advanced technology. This engagement highlights the ongoing importance of industrial hemp in driving forward sustainable solutions within and beyond agriculture. The Goodness of Hemp is sure to resonate within and beyond D.C. 

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