Phone :
IND HEMP Main Office:
1210 22nd St, Ft. Benton, MT 59442
IH Fiber Processing Facility:
1500 27th Street Fort Benton, MT 59442
IH Oilseed Processing Facility:
1288 MT. Hwy 80 Fort Benton, MT 59442
IND HEMP Bozeman Office:
2002 22nd AVE. Unit 1 Bozeman, MT 59718

Hemp Fiber Processing

Our newly built 52,000 sq ft Fiber facility sits on 10 acres adjacent to our Oilseed facility creating the nation’s first, true hemp processing campus. This site is purpose-built around…

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Hemp Food & Feed Processing

The IND HEMP Oilseed food and feed facility is a state-of-the-art operation that processes raw hemp grain into numerous healthy ingredients. From food-grade hemp oil and hemp hearts to the…

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America’s First True Hemp Grain and Fiber Processing Campus

Fort Benton, Montana is home to IND HEMP’s two processing facilities: one dedicated to hemp seed, the other focused on hemp bast fiber. Each operation is purpose-built to provide hemp…

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Part 3: Bast & Hurd

The outer sleeve of the stalk is the hemp bast fiber, with the inner woody core chipped to create hemp hurd. Both offer unique benefits, and are compatible with multiple…

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Part 2: Decortication Process

The physical separation and cleaning of these two parts is called decortication. The IND HEMP processing line is capable of handling 5 tons of raw stalk per hour.

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Part 1: The hemp stalk

Each hemp stalk is essentially composed of two distinctly different parts: an outer bast fiber sleeve (A) and an inner woody core (B).

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Episode 4 Hemp fiber variety trials, decortication facility tour

In Episode 4 we take you out to the field and behind the scenes to learn with our growers and community about hemp fiber variety trials in Montana and get…

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Episode 3 – Meet Ben Brimlow – Montana Organic Association visit to Vilicus Farms field day.

Episode 3 of the Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial hemp show introduces us to IND HEMP lead Agronomist Ben Brimlow as we travel north to join the Montana Organic Association at…

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Episode 2: Meet the Founders of IND HEMP and learn why and how it all started

Meet the founders of IND HEMP- Ken, Julie and Morgan Elliott and sit down for an intimate discussion of what motivated this family to start contracting farmers to grow industrial…

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Episode 1 – Precision seeding industrial hemp grain in Montana 2021

Welcome to Episode 1 ! We start off this series about industrial hemp with the first planting in 2021 of X-59 industrial hemp seed for grain production in Montana. We…

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