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Episode 1 – Precision seeding industrial hemp grain in Montana 2021

Welcome to Episode 1 ! We start off this series about industrial hemp with the first planting in 2021 of X-59 industrial hemp seed for grain production in Montana.

We join IND HEMP agronomist Ben Brimlow and some of our friends from the midwest with Montana hemp grower Nathan Keane on a warm April day to asses soil conditions and start planting hemp seed. A warm spring and appropriate soil temperatures have farmers planting weeks, if not a full month earlier than traditionally recommended.

Nathan shares with us all about his Seedmaster Ultra Pro II 80′ wide precision air drill and the benefits it has for precision drilling in no till, dryland farming operations. We learn about singulation and how the Seedmaster’s precision allows him to plant less pounds of seed per acre precisely between the rows of wheat stubble to achieve similar yields as other drills with more seed. Guess we’ll see in a couple months how that works out! We have already seen great emergence exactly 2 weeks from planting, and added those images to the end of this episode.

Come for the curiosity and education and ride along and stay for the beautiful visuals of the drone flying over Montana’s Golden Triangle of grain production. Montana is the land of Big Sky and under that sky big acres

We are new at this and aim to get better in time and appreciate you finding us and checking out The Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial Hemp Show! We’d appreciate your support in liking the episode and subscribing to our channel. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see us cover in regards to industrial hemp production, hemp food processing, hemp fiber processing, products, etc and we’ll do our best to point the lens on our team and the others working to build and American supply chain and industry.

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IND HEMP Oilseeds and Fiber presents The Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial Hemp Show. We will take you straight into the heart of the hemp industry as we follow along with our team and the others in the industry working hard everyday to build and develop an American supply chain for industrial hemp grain and fiber products.

We’ll introduce you to our growers and the farm families in Montana and across the country growing hemp for food and fiber. We’ll take you behind the scenes to see the the infrastructure that IND HEMP and others have built and are building to process hemp grain into hemp foods and hemp straw into useable industrial fiber and Hurd materials.

We’ll follow these ingredients and materials through the supply chain, into products and introduce you to those pioneers and companies committed to using American-grown hemp in their products.

We call this THE GOODNESS OF HEMP™, creating opportunities for American farmers and rural communities and we look forward to learning together and sharing all of this goodness with you.

We would love to hear from you! Just call, email or use the button here to connect with us. Our mission is to connect our farmers with the hemp businesses of tomorrow. Let us provide the supply chain consistencies your business or product needs to scale and be successful.


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