Have a nut allergy and misisng the flavor? Hemp has a great nutty profile for those allergic to seeds and nuts. Hemp seed derived protein is a safe alternative for those with allergies. Although more research still needs to be conducted, hemp is widely recognized as an excellent alternative food source.

There are recorded cases of allergies related to Cannabis Sativa, specifically related to smoking cannabinoids (Decuyper 2017). However, according to the current body of scientific knowledge and testimonials, “hemp-based food products are considered less allergenic than those from other edible seeds, although this statement has never been experimentally verified” (Mamone 2018).

Although research is still ongoing in this area, there has been research completed on hemp protein. This research did find five known allergen proteins present in the Cannabis Sativa species but only one in the hemp seed used for food (Wang 2019). Even better, some hemp protein extraction processes completely eliminate all known allergens. This makes hemp protein a viable alternative for individuals with food allergies (Wang 2019).


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