Thanks for joining us and making your hempcrete block sample

Your hempcrete block needs to cure and dry. Please follow these instructions for success!

First 24 hours:  Remove lid from container and allow your block to start to dry.

After 24 hours:   

Your block can be removed from the mold so it can breath and fully cure and dry.

 -Place paper towels, newspaper or paper bag down to protect your surface.

-Gently turnover your mold onto paper and lightly tap or flex so the block comes out.

Allow block to dry and cure undisturbed for 7 days

Now that you know how to complete your hempcrete block sample, let’s learn a little more about hempcrete!

What is hempcrete?

Hempcrete is a hemp hurd, lime binder and water mix that can be used as a healthy and green construction method. Hempcrete is used with traditional timber frame construction and is used as the insulation as well as both inner and outer wall surfaces, replacing sheetrock, insulation, house wrap, and siding used in traditional construction.

Learn more about hempcrete from our friends at Hempitecture HERE

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