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In 2023, IND HEMP conducted evaluations of various hemp seed varietals across Montana’s diverse agricultural landscapes. This was driven by the objective to identify varietals that excel in yield, growth habits, drought resistance, and weed suppression, thereby enhancing the efficiency of local farming operations and supporting our farming partners. 

The trials encompassed assessment of both fiber and grain hemp varietals, subjected to varied farming conditions—both dryland and irrigated. The varietals were analyzed for their adaptability to the unique climate and soil compositions in different regions of Montana to ensure the collection of accurate and actionable data. The height that is stated is a generalized average and there is great variation based on dryland or irrigated in Montana, so this should be taken into account. 

Findings and Analysis 

Grain Varietals: 

  • X-59: Challenges and Opportunities 
  • The X-59 varietal, despite its robust growth and excellent weed suppression capabilities, exhibited moderate yield in Montana’s challenging conditions. Its dioecious nature and larger seeds make it a viable option for crop rotation, offering benefits despite its variable height and late flowering stage. 4-7 feet height. 
  • Henola: Versatility in Medium Yield 
  • Henola is characterized by its slender fan leaves, allowing greater light penetration and facilitating medium yield levels. This varietal’s monoecious nature and smaller seed size make it suitable for diverse farming requirements. 5-8 feet. 
  • Finola: Drought Resilience and Early Flowering 
  • Known for its rapid and uniform emergence, the Finola varietal stands out for its drought tolerance and early flowering. Its compact growth makes it ideal for tight planting configurations and ensures a substantial yield. 3-5 Feet. 
  • Earlina 8fc: Pest Resistance and Yield Consistency 
  • Earlina 8fc is notable for its ability to deter pests, particularly grasshoppers, and its resilience to drought. Its consistent performance and monoecious nature promise good yields and make it a promising choice for farmers. 4-6 feet. 
  • NWG 2463 and Picolo: Tailored for Diverse Systems 
  • Both NWG 2463 and Picolo demonstrate growth and effective weed control. NWG 2463’s large seeds and late flowering, alongside Picolo’s compact size and early flowering, highlight their suitability for varied cropping systems. 5-8 feet. 
  • Vega: Adaptability and Growth 
  • Vega showcases a vigorous, uniform growth pattern and is adaptable to various applications thanks to its medium to large seeds and consistent crop height. 5-8 feet. 

Fiber Varietals: 

  • Yuma T: High Yield Under Irrigation 
  • Optimally suited for irrigated conditions, Yuma T produces high yields and quality fiber, benefiting from a predictable flowering and harvest timeline. 10-13 feet. 
  • Bialobrzeski: Dryland Efficiency 
  • Excelling in dryland conditions, Bialobrzeski varietal combines early growth vigor with impressive fiber and hurd output, making it adaptable to various farming strategies. 9-11 feet. 
  • Han NE: Focus on Quality Hurd Production 
  • Ideal for irrigated lands, Han NE focuses its growth on producing high-quality hurd, with its large seed size and tall stature enhancing its yield potential under optimal conditions. 12-15 feet. 
  • SS Beta/IH Williams: Late Flowering High Yielder 
  • Known for its late flowering in August, SS Beta/IH Williams thrives under irrigated conditions, consistently producing high-quality fiber and hurd. 10-12 feet. 

Although not extensive, we wanted to highlight insights from the 2023 hemp seed trials and show how constantly testing and experimenting with new varietals is instrumental for shaping IND HEMP’s operational strategies and the agricultural practices in Montana. By pinpointing the varietals that perform best under specific conditions, we can provide precise recommendations to our contracted farmers, thereby enhancing crop rotations, sustainability, and profitability. 

The outcomes of the 2023 trials underscore IND HEMP’s dedication to agricultural innovation and sustainability. We continue to analyze the data and engage with our partners and local farming community to maximize the impact of these findings. 

For more detailed results or to explore potential collaborations, please reach out to IND HEMP. 

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