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With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start gathering the perfect gifts for all the special people in your life. The versatility of hemp and hemp-based products makes it incredibly easy to support the hemp industry this holiday season. Read on to get some hemp-based gift ideas for everyone on your list.


Hemp-based lotions

With the hydration factor in hemp seed oil, there is no better lotion for those who enjoy skin care routines or who work with their hands daily. Pamper your loved one with a high-quality, hemp-based lotion


Not only does the hemp plant enable skin care, it also provides great clothing. For the fashionista in your life, sustainable and durable clothing is the perfect mix. Hemp clothes incorporate the strength of the hemp fibers and are a sustainable alternative to cotton clothes. There will be no shortage of cute, comfy and durable clothes in this fashion icon’s closet.


If opening a gift and finding clothes is not the ideal gift, the hemp plant also provides materials for other products. Hemp products even make great toys for kids. Durable as it is, hemp stuffed animals or hemp plastic toys make the perfect gift for the kids in your life. Durable toys make all the difference!


Another product that requires durability is shoes. There is a perfect pair of shoes for every shoe lover on your list, and hemp shoes will quickly become their new favorite pair. Durable and breathable, there is no better option for the shoe-loving fanatic on your list.


To pair with the shoes, or to enjoy as a gift itself, are socks made of hemp fiber. Let’s face it, socks are forever fun. What’s more fun than finding joyful socks that you love? Hemp socks that you love – durable, breathable and long-lasting, these socks make the perfect gift for both sock lovers and difficult-to-buy-for friends.


Protein Powder

Not only is hemp great for making products, it also offers food options. For the health and fitness fanatic on your list, hemp protein powder is a wonderful option. High protein that’s easily digestible, along with other nutritional benefits, this gift will leave that friend-turned-bodybuilder feeling seen and understood.

Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts make a great stocking stuffer filled with nutritional benefits. For the chocolate lover, grab a hemp hearts chocolate bar – perfect in its chocolate-y crunchiness.


Hemp, versatile product as it is, can make the perfect gift for each person on your list. With the growing hemp market, finding hemp products is effortless and the material used to make the products is sustainable. With the countless options the hemp industry offers, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gifts.

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