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January marked the kickoff of a thrilling new chapter for us, as the Bozeman team began the transition into a new facility in Belgrade! Don’t worry, we’re still turning and burning in Fort Benton, we just made roots for our second home in Belgrade. Our journey to Belgrade is steeped in more than just a change of scenery; it’s a vision laden with growth and a sprinkle of adventure. The move was orchestrated with a multifaceted vision in mind. Firstly, the new facility offers us much needed relief, alleviating the pressure on our packed warehouses in Fort Benton, creating more room to breathe and operate efficiently. Secondly, it serves as a strategic move to dive into Fulfillment By Manufacturer (FBM) for retail giants like Amazon and Chewy, as well as for our future ventures into e-commerce on platforms such as Shopify. With logistical hubs like FedEx and UPS in close proximity, we’re looking at efficiency and speed like never before. Lastly, the relocation allows for a more streamlined logistics operation, promising faster, cheaper, and more frequent scheduling of outgoing trucks, a true game changer for our operations.

More Than Just Logistics

The benefits of our added Belgrade facility stretch far beyond our primary objectives. Our strategic location by the I-90 presents us with an unexpected marketing boon, a wall that faces the interstate that’s ready to serve as a billboard. This visibility is expected to attract passersby, turning them into potential retail customers.

But that’s not all. Beyond the enhancement of our warehouse capabilities and logistics operations, our new Belgrade facility also opens up exciting opportunities for our Bozeman team. In addition to serving as a cutting edge warehouse and distribution center, this facility is being developed to include new office spaces designed to accommodate our growing team. This move not only signifies our expansion in terms of physical space and operational capacity but also underscores our investment in creating a dynamic and collaborative work environment for our team. 

Our presence in the Gallatin Valley is not just a business move; it’s a strategic decision aimed at expanding our farm footprint in a region known for its prime irrigated purpose grown fiber crops. This move also brings us closer to the community, especially with Montana State University, enhancing our access to interns and fostering stronger community ties.

As the Bozeman team get settled in our new Belgrade home, our spirits are high with anticipation for the future. This move signifies more than a change in location; it’s a step towards greater efficiency, deeper community engagement, and a commitment to providing an enriching and supportive environment for our team. We’re just at the beginning of this exciting journey, and we’re so grateful to have you alongside us, sharing in our dreams and adventures.

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