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Hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts, contain many nutritional benefits. Other seeds more commonly known are chia seeds and flax seeds. Each of these seeds offer great benefits, but what are the differences between the three? 

Hemp seeds


Hemp seeds are an excellent source of easily digestible protein. In just two tablespoons of hemp seed you get seven grams of this high-quality protein. Hemp seeds are a great option for vegans and vegetarians looking to easily incorporate another source of protein in their diets.

In addition to protein, hemp seeds also provide fiber, carbs, several vitamins and minerals, and omegas. Hemp seeds contain high levels of essential amino acids, as well as a desired ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids of 1:3. Because the hemp plant grows easily and abundantly, hemp seeds are a great option for a sustainable seed.

Chia seeds


Chia seeds contain many similar nutrients as hemp seeds, but are the best source of calcium. Between the three seeds, chia seeds have the highest level of calcium. They also contain fiber, phosphorus and are easy to digest. 

Chia seeds also offer protein, omegas, carbs and several vitamins and minerals, all of which contribute to the health benefits chia seeds offer. The nutrients in chia seeds can be obtained without grinding them, making it easy to add them to smoothies, salads, oatmeal, and a variety of other meals.

Flax seeds


With similar benefits to hemp and chia seeds, flax seeds also reduce the risk of cancer by providing lignans. Of the three, flax contains the most omega-3 fatty acids, though hemp has the most desirable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Omega-3 is great for both heart and brain health. 

Other notable nutrients in flax seeds include protein, fiber, carbs and many vitamins and minerals. With flax, the best way to obtain the most nutrients is by grinding the seeds prior to eating them. After grinding, simply incorporate them into daily meals as the light nutty flavor is a versatile one.

Chart from Eat Well Enjoy Life. Ingrid DeHart. 2016.Chart from Eat Well Enjoy Life. Ingrid DeHart. 2016.

Chart from Eat Well Enjoy Life. Ingrid DeHart. 2016.

While each of these seeds offer great nutrients for your body, they are each strong in their own way. Hemp seeds are the best option for protein and a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6. Chia seeds offer a high source of calcium and fiber, and flax seeds contain cancer-fighting properties. Ultimately, each seed offers wonderful nutritional benefits. To purchase our hemp seeds in bulk, visit this page

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