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The superfood
for animals

Everything that’s good, nothing that isn’t. This sums up what makes hemp the perfect nutritional solution for animals, large and small. It also captures the IND HEMP philosophy on how we grow and produce all of our hemp feed products to the same standards and in the same facilities that we produce our healthy food for people.


IND HEMP contracts directly with farm families in Montana and across the west, working together—from first planting to final product—as a robust and consistent supply chain of quality hemp feed ingredients.


Naturally nutrient-rich and additive/chemical-free, the raw hemp seed is processed through our Fort Benton processing facility into pure cold pressed hemp seed oil, hemp seed meal and screenings or in more finished formats such as hemp protein pellets. All of our feed products are produced in a human food grade-certified facility to the same standards we feed our kids.

IND HEMP feed products:

  • Contain all 21 amino acids
  • High in omega fatty acids
  • A source for protein & fiber
  • Rich in magnesium, copper, zinc and iron
  • Non-GMO & Pesticide-Free
  • THC & CBD-Free

Hemp Meal

Hemp Meal is packed with nutrients: 30% protein and 30% fiber, contains all 21 essential amino acids- including GLA as well as Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, and is a good source of minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and potassium).


As part of an animal’s diet, hemp meal offers substantial benefits. Not just another protein source, a better protein source. It promotes resilient muscles and joints, a healthy immune system, positive stress response as well as good circulation, brain function and muscle development.

– Fiber- and protein-rich ingredient in dry blends & formulations

– Perfect base for snacks, treats or block formats

– Equestrian, Pet, Specialty Pet

– Poultry, Livestock, Aquaculture

– Animal dietary supplement

– Bird Food

– Growing hemp grain offers diversity in the crop rotation cycle and it’s deep tap roots are good for the soil, while sequestering CO2 below ground and producing healthy food above ground.

Hemp Seed Oil​​

IND HEMP Ultra Pure Hemp Seed Oil is a nutrient-packed, 100% planted-based feed and healthy fat additive, It’s cold pressed and triple filtered to produce an oil that’s free of any sediment, yet rich in both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids: Omega 3-6-9. Hemp seed oil is also known to be high in antioxidants, including Vitamin E and GLA which promote a healthy inflammatory response.


Our hemp seed oil promotes resilient muscles and joints, a healthy immune system, gut and heart health and brain function.

– Dietary supplement

– Direct feed additive, top dress

– Snacks / treat / Feed and formulation additive

– Dog, Small Pet, Equestrian, Livestock

– Animal dietary supplement and formulation additive

– Hemp Seed Oil has a better and more balanced nutritional and Omega profile than fish oil, and is much more sustainable for the planet and does not require exploitation of the oceans, rather, it supports rural farming communities and sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere in the process.

Hemp Hulls

Hemp hulls are the perfect supplement for additional nutritional value in an animal’s diet. Rich in fiber, protein, good fats and minerals hemp hulls support good circulation, strong muscles and joints and a healthy digestive system. Great as a top dress or high fiber addition to any feed formula.

– Equestrian / Livestock

– Dietary supplement

– Top Dress Feed, Blended in feed ration

– Equestrian / Livestock

– Animal dietary supplement

– Industrial

– Natural, healthy, non-gmo high fiber filler
  for treats and feed formulations

– With hemp, we are able to use every part of the plant, as there are marketable benefits in each fraction, that each carry their pieces of the overall superior nutrition of the hemp seed. Separating the heart from the hull provides popular and beneficial ingredients to both the human and animal food/feed markets.

Hemp Screenings

When a farmer harvests a crop like a hemp oilseed, there is often a bunch of other stuff that comes off of the field with it. This material— bits of chaffe and plant matter, immature hemp seed, other weed seeds, etc.—is cleaned off through a screening process when we prepare the grain for making food. As with other crops, these screenings are nutrient-rich and a great feed source.

– Direct feed or inclusion to blended ration
– Livestock – Compost
– Let there be no waste with the mighty hemp seed- and even the stuff that isn’t a hemp seed! By collecting and feeding screenings we are repurposing a potential waste product into a nutritious feed

Official goodness:

The cultivation, harvest and sales of all IND HEMP agricultural hemp products follows the USDA-approved program implemented by the Montana Department of Agriculture.


The hemp grown by our farming partners is does not contain THC, CBD, pesticides, heavy metals, or dangerous pathogens, micros or chemicals—achieving both Organic certification and Non-GMO verification requirements. Every lot is tested multiple times prior to and following processing.


We would love to hear from you! Just call, email or use the button here to connect with us. Our mission is to connect our farmers with the hemp businesses of tomorrow. Let us provide the supply chain consistencies your business or product needs to scale and be successful.


Growers: to discuss what hemp production on your Montana, Idaho, Washington, or Oregon farm can do for you, visit here.


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